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MP’s are highly accomplished at playing the blame game…they sit in the House of Commons and blame the previous government for the debt they’re in while the opposition blames the current government for drawing us deeper into debt. Rather than playing a school playground game, should the people ‘elected’ (I use the term loosely) to speak on our behalf not be trying to solve problems rather than trying to discredit the opposition?

This game is getting increasingly frustrating and boring – the electorate did not go to the polls to listen to their ‘candidates’ flinging blame and responsibility across a room – they went to the polls in the belief their rights would be stood up for, that decisions would be made in their best interests…which is a complete and utter fallacy. However, with three main political parties to choose from, each as bad as the other in a lot of ways, if you genuinely want to vote for change there isn’t much scope to hope things will be different – under Labour, we went to war, spending billions on confrontations which were uncalled for and unsupported by the general public. Under the Tories, we have austerity and benefit cuts – again uncalled for and deeply unpopular with the general public…the public, who voted these people into their positions, appears to have an opinion that matters not. It’s a slap in the face akin to a selfish high-flier using a friend to achieve the position they desperately want in life, then discarding that friend like rubbish and ignoring them.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand fully there are MPs that genuinely desire to make changes for their constituents and tackle relevant problems, however they are ridiculously outnumbered by representatives out for personal and political gain. Numerous scandals are now arising regarding privatisation of national services which have led to some form of profiteering…it’s not like ‘the old days’ where you could whip money out from under the taxpayer without their knowledge, or by the time they found out you were already away and free – social media has brought a sharing of knowledge unseen before…we are learning of MPs running national services with no experience of that particular sector. Why are these people handed a job for which they have little knowledge of the inner workings? Would anybody out on the street be accepted for a skilled job having no prior experience or qualifications? Short answer – NO…so why is our country being run by the few privileged rather than the few skilled and knowledgeable?

Then comes the undeniable anger-inducing announcement that these people are to receive an 11% pay raise…11%!! Which is a whole 11% more than public sector workers have received over the last 5 years – and this is announced by an ‘Independent’ Parliamentary panel…IPSA.  Why should the people supposed to be entrusted with running the country in our best interests be entitled to £74,000 a year when they are contravening the very foundation on which they were elected in the first place?

That’s not mentioning of course, the crippling bedroom tax and benefit cuts imposed on the poor and disabled, removing sources of independence and support for those that never chose to be in the position they’re in.  Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith has thrown millions of taxpayer’s pounds down the toilet and hit the flush in the process of trying to implement a system which does, and will see millions of people who are unable to work, struggle even more to live and eat.  It’s difficult enough to keep a roof over your head as it is!  As for those who want to work, even that’s becoming impossible and unrealistic…’we want you off benefits and into work, regardless of whether you’re capable or not, but simultaneously we’ll lower your standard of living to the point you’re in poverty anyway…we’ll think of you when we’re getting shopping on expenses and having our homes heated courtesy of your pay packet taxes’

Never mind all that though…if you don’t like the way the country’s being run, normally protesting would be one of the options to voice your discontent.  They’ve thought of that – If you disagree and gather to protest, local councils could curb demonstrations if you are ‘disturbing or annoying local residents’…so where does that leave unhappy people?  With no rights to speak up against a government hell bent on demoralising and controlling wide and varying aspects of the population.  Discontent is growing, and countries all over the world are seeing an increase in the number of protests and riots – they’re also trying to pass laws restricting protest…funny that, isn’t it?  We should not be afraid of our governments…the governments should be afraid of their people – and it looks like quite a few governments are starting to run scared – why else would they be starting to pass laws and bills prohibiting gathering in public and protesting?  Personally I think they’re a bit too late – people are too angry and disillusioned with those people entrusted in running the country in their best interests.

Governments, you have failed your people…you should have expected should have expected this.