An Entire Barrel of Rotten Apples

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You look in your fruit bowl to retrieve a juicy apple you know you bought yesterday – to your horror you discover the whole lot has gone rotten overnight and are now decomposing with mouldy spots.  What do you do?  You throw the lot in the bin/compost bin and disinfect your fruit bowl with vigour.  Why then, is this entire nation festering like an entire barrel of rotten apples?  Not a day seems to go by without another scandal breaking involving ‘influential’ figures or politicians…the very people we are supposed to rely on, the people our children should look up to as role models.

I find myself increasingly disillusioned with this government – it appears you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t – between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea.  Whatever your political alignment, it’s difficult to deny that any party manifesto is no more than spare toilet tissue to wipe your behind with in an emergency…every party makes promises they can’t, or won’t keep to secure votes and be ‘first past the post’, yet once seated in the House of Commons they pull more u-turns than a lost tourist in a rental car.  The elected government are put in power to work for us, to ensure our wellbeing – not to kick us to the ground and repeatedly stamp on our heads whilst stealing the money out of our bloodstained wallets.

Bankers’ bonuses amount to more than most people make in an entire year – their BONUS…the corporate CEO’s make in three hours what most people make in a month.  These obscene figures are ridiculous – ‘We’re all in this together’ our incredibly talented PM tells us…no, actually, we’re not.  Because when it comes down to it, with energy companies putting their prices up an average of 6-10%, we tell Dave we can either afford to heat our houses, or put food in our mouths.  The Tories tell us to put an extra jumper on.  Wow, thanks for that piece of advice, I hadn’t considered that…
Even worse is the information that N-Power pay little to no UK tax which, while not illegal is an absolute whopper of a case of moral compassitis…their profits go through the roof, we run the risk of hypothermia and our honourable leader has his heating payed for by, wait for it, bet you can’t guess…the taxpayer!

So, we get angry…we speak up, we tell a few home truths – the ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ flyer managed to infuriate Ian Duncan Smith (IDS…more like IBS) yet he sits back and laughs, gloating, as the issue of a spiralling increase in foodbanks is brought up in the Commons.  How DARE you – who do you think pays your salary, your expenses, your bills?  Your benefit ‘reforms’ which are bringing misery to hundreds of thousands of people all over the country…people that have paid into the system their entire life being faced with disasterous poverty through being made redundant, or being diagnosed with a chronic illness which prevents them from working?  It is little wonder peoples’ distrust of a system that is no longer working for the people, but is burying them…either figuratively under mountains of debt, or literally.

Do not be fooled or frightened into apathy and try to ignore the numerous issues popping up like moles in your garden…like the moles, these issues are very real & threatening – perhaps not today, but tomorrow you could find yourself stunned by an announcement which affects your life to the point you can’t sleep at night, you become jobless, homeless, or worse.  The state is becoming increasingly controlling, sucking the life out of its’ inhabitants – for some, this is making life no longer worth living.  We are being monitored every step of the way…CCTV cameras on most street corners, who we contact and for how long being logged and stored, somewhat akin to Orwell’s 1984.  Restrictions on what we can or cannot do tightening like a boa constrictor around our liberties.  All in the name of ‘protection’.  ‘It’s all for your own good’ we are told, ‘we will keep you safer’ is drilled into us with propaganda and red tape.  Let me ask you, who watches the watchers?  Who ensures their moral and ethical integrity is kept intact?

Apathy is perhaps the worst sentiment to have in this day and age…there is a saying that goes somewhat like this – They came for someone in the town, I didn’t speak up for them.  They came for my neighbour, I didn’t speak up for them either.  They came for me, and nobody spoke up for me.

If nobody speaks up for anyone else, where does that leave us as a society, as human beings?

This diseased, corrupt and rotten to the core barrel needs to be dragged out into the garden and incinerated, before it taints the rest of the perishables.

  1. Thank you very much for your excellent, passionate writing. I am enjoying your blogs as they are a good reminder of all the injustices we are suffering under this despicable, elitist government. You have pretty much worked out that the difference between the parties is just an illusion. I think you would find the People’s Voice tv very useful and especially David Icke’s daily Headlines for giving a much more accurate picture of the world. Please keep an open mind as he has been marginalised by the msm – I wonder why??? It is worth doing some research and finding out for yourself.

    Much love,

    All Power to the People!!!


  2. Lila says:

    Very good posts. It’s worth wating the
    As for robbing the taxpayers – there are retrospective tax legislations that have been passed through, Accelerated payments, and our right to fight taken away with Followe notices – all to fund the extravegant livesytles of our MPs who clearly do NOT WORK FOR US, but the big co-operations. Why else would they get off scott free with not paying taxes, and 40,000 who managed tehir tax affiars get hit with draconian legislations. When im opposition Tories fight against retro tax, when in power they are all for it with vengence. When voting for payraises they’re all in Parliment, when voting for real issues, they don’t bother – yes ‘ THEY WORK FOR US’ RIGHT!!! lets have MP recalls.
    1984 – was letting us know what was to come – and they’re succeeding because majority of people are too busy watching dribble on TV!

  3. Lila says:

    Also, if you want to watch a real news channel as opposed to msm drib then I would recommend RT. America and Britain are trying to shut it down – hmmm wonder why, are people turning to it for the TRUTH!? I could go on an on….I’ve also started to watch quite a bit of David Icke. – he does make a lot of sense and vibrates things that i have found out from my own culture and history. It’s a shame most people look at the truth and can’t accept it so call everything a conspiracy. Mass Surveillance was a conspiracy until Snowden. I also watch Peter Joseph – Zeitgeist and culture in Decline – all on you Tube

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