They’re Scared – They Should Be

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As a human ‘race’ we should be entirely ashamed of ourselves…politicians, corporations and bankers put profit ahead of health and wellbeing, which should be the foremost concern of any species.  They value something that doesn’t actually exist (it is just a printed piece of paper, or a digital code) more than life itself…it is said that the highest proportion of successful banking executives are psychopaths.  Which would fit in I guess as empathy for other human beings is succinctly lacking.

So why, are we as a society allowing these psychopaths and high-powered political spokesmen to ruin our very species?  Why are we apathetic about the injustices wrought against us, and the surveillance we are now all under with data-collection by the NSA & GCHQ?  The simple answer?  Fear.  We are bound by the fear of losing our jobs, our homes and our lives.  We sit back waiting for others to do something because we don’t want to be the ones to put ourselves out there to say ‘Enough is Enough’.

Because, if we do that, the spotlight is on us, and the Powers That Be may take our names, addresses & hunt us down.  This is where mass civil action is of utmost importance – there should be so many of us on the street that they can’t single us out to ‘make an example’ of us to keep the rest of the sheeple in line.  If thousands appear in the streets, there wouldn’t be enough cells to put us all in.  The new Gagging Law prevents any organisation or charity from speaking out against the Tory regime, a somewhat aptly named law as those with the power are running scared.

They’re scared of the power social media can have in spreading the truth – a tweet or blog can whiz around the globe faster than we can all be arrested…why else would satire Twitter accounts be shut down for daring to question the motives of the DWP or Iain Duncan Smith?  Because they’re scared – scared that we don’t believe their bullshit spin anymore, we see the smoke and mirrors for what they are…the Mass State Media no longer has the clout it had in the days before the internet was accessable by a large proportion of the population.  The headlines we read and news is no longer limited to the paper coming through our doors in the morning, or the news channels on the TV.

The Gagging Law has been passed mere weeks after IPNA’s (Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance) were defeated in the House of Lords – the introduction of which would see us arrested for behaviour which has, or MAY be capable of causing annoyance to another person.  This could involve speaking too loudly, standing in the wrong place for too long, or protesting

As this link from Scriptonite Daily explains.

Thankfully, the introduction of IPNA’s was blocked by the HoL, as they were fully aware it would cause outrage, however the Gagging Law has found it’s way through parliament.  If you need any more proof the government is running scared, London Mayor Boris Johnson has requested a water cannon for the Met, which would be ready for deployment ‘by the summer’.  Why else would the Met need a water cannon unless they were expecting mass protests, as they’ve already admitted it would have been no use during the London riots in 2011?  Despite an estimated cost of £1 million, plus maintanance, training of Met officers in it’s usage, what exactly will the final cost be?  Something this expensive, it won’t be expected to sit in a garage looking pretty and being lovingly polished by dutiful officers – they know discontent is stirring amongst the masses at the way this government has shamefully sold off national assets one by one, the threat to our NHS with privatisation, ATOS, the bedroom tax, welfare cuts, the list goes on and on.

We are waking up, we are seeing the corruption and the scandals, and we are getting thoroughly pissed off with the people running this country – often with no qualifications or skills to benefit their position.  We are realising that nothing done is for our benefit, as a parliament should work – it’s all in the pursuit of a printed piece of paper that is meaningless and as it comes off the press is already worth less than the government (*cough…I mean hard working families) needs to pay back for it in interest.

Suggested film if you don’t believe me regarding the monetary system would be Zeitgeist: Moving Forward – an excellent film following on from Zeitgeist the Movie, and Zeitgeist Addendum – all can be found on YouTube if you wish – they state things in black and white in an understandable way.

Rather than waiting for one person to start a domino effect, instead of letting them go out there alone & risk the wrath of the police and ‘judiciary’ system, take to the streets en-masse, as a group, as a society, and most of all, as a species…things have got to change before history repeats itself – and the only way it’s going to happen is if we, as a collective, stand in unity and solidarity against the system.  Most importantly, do it peacefully – don’t give the corporations the chance to take the high ground against us…the message will be more effective if violence isn’t involved – it doesn’t solve anything!

  1. Really good! Yes, peaceful protesting is the way forward. But even more effective is meditation, visualisation and sending out love. Your excellent description of your empathy and understanding of the position of many of the police being treated like sheep and having to obey stupid and harmful orders illustrates so well how a group of people meditating can send out warm, loving energy. And change everything! They cannot legislate against love, they can’t tax it and they can’t take it from us however much they would like to as they are totally deficient in empathy and compassion and love. They know how to deal with protests and unfortunately there are always a few who are violent which gives the authorities the green light to use violence on every one.

    We are all waking up and coming together in love, support, empathy and community is the way forward. Julian Rose has some excellent articles and Zen Gardner is good too.

    Much love

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