An Open Letter to Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Ms. Cunningham,

I live within your constituency, in a 4-in-a-block flat – the two flats on the ground level are privately owned, whereas the two flats upstairs are council flats.  My upstairs neighbour, who has a small child, has complained to the council numerous times over the last 3 years regarding the state of the rhones, which are blocked to the point of overflowing.

This water is flowing between the walls, causing damp in the walls of the house I live in downstairs.  Not only that, but the rhones are rotting and will probably need replacing at a cost greater than it would have been if Perth & Kinross Council had regularly kept them clear.

My neighbour is in a terrible predicament where her child sleeps in a room with mould on the walls, she is bathed in a bathroom which has mould on the walls, and her food is prepared in a kitchen that has mould on the walls.  During her numerous interactions with the council, the workers acknowledge that she has been in touch lots of times regarding this issue, though rather than deal with the issue, it is something of a joke to them.

This water damage is completely avoidable, and if the council wished to bill the private owners for part of the cost of clearing the gutters it would be more than fair.  What I see currently however, is a cascade of water along the length of the building – you get wetter moving from the front door to the car than you do standing in a downpour.

Another worry I have is the damage the water is doing to the house I live in downstairs – a visible large damp patch on the wall in my own bedroom at floor level…the wall is wet and you can trace the route of the water up the wall from where it’s come.

Perth & Kinross Council have behaved dispicably in this matter, completely ignoring a working single mother who is living in a substandard level of accommodation.  She was told 2 months ago that workers would be out to the house THAT week to clean out the gutters – that never happened. Various departments within P&K Council don’t communicate with each other & are ignoring requests and complaints from a council tenant. I fear that her young child is going to develop asthma as a result of the mould on her walls, and I fear that the structure of the flat I live in has been damaged to the point of needing major work.  I already frequently hear her child coughing during the night.

My neighbour pays her council rent & her council tax, which was another factor that took years to iron out & caused considerable anxiety and stress for her.  And yet she is still living in a property which is substandard – her shower is broken, which is also leaking through into the ceiling in my bathroom.

Ms. Cunningham, please will you intervene in this matter where the council is failing its’ tenants and causing possibly very expensive damage to the structure putting the private homeowners in a difficult position?

This situation could have been prevented had P&K Council fulfilled their obligation to their tenants and maintained the property adequately.

I sincerely hope you help with this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

An irritated and upset private tenant below a council tenant.

  1. jaynel62 says:

    Empathy – I too live in a ground floor flat (HA) and my bathroom ceiling came in due to it taking 18 weeks to deal with a leak severe enough to put the electrics out!

    • Yikes! Thankfully my ceiling is still up but I really feel for my neighbour…she’s phoned and phoned and phoned to no avail – all the calls have been logged and she’s been promised this and that with nothing happening over 3 years. I don’t envy you, that could have been a severe fire risk too! Did they pay up to get it sorted for you?

  2. jaynel62 says:

    Eventually but having an internal bathroom – you took your life in your hands every loo visit! x

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