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Edinburgh Eye

Edinburgh is a lovely place to live. (Second on the quality-of-living index for the whole of the UK.) Edinburgh is one of a few cities around the world that are genuinely beautiful.

David Coburn EdinburghDavid Coburn is the list-topper candidate for UKIP in Scotland in the EuroElections on Thursday – Nigel Farage feels “bullish” that Coburn will become one of UKIP’s MEPs after the elections on 22nd May. And, Coburn says, he lives in Edinburgh.

David Coburn was born in Glasgow, and moved to London over twenty years ago: he was working in Kensington in 1993, where he ran the Lexicon School of English, which was dissolved in 1993 by the Companies Registrar after failing to file accounts.

He’s lived in Kensington, W11 at least since 14th August 2006 (from Companies House – he’s been the director of several companies) and he was still living there on 24th April 2014

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The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms.

via The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms.

I live in hope, not fear.

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Well worth a read if you’re ‘on the fence’ regarding the Independence referendum in Scotland…

A wee Sovereign Scot

Lord Fraser bomb your airports

The people of Scotland, my people, have lived through a very unusual experience.  Let’s go through the facts.

Scotland, for want of a better description was “annexed” and without delving into history too much, the ordinary people of Scotland were against any union with England.  Riots and protests were dealt with most severely. A fair treaty it was not. It was forced.

Scotland’s people eventually made the best of things and became the steam that powered the engine of “empire”.  The empire where the “sun never set” would never have happened in the way it did without the people of Scotland.

Fast forward to the First World War and we see a disproportionate number of Scots falling in battle, they don’t tell you that on Westminster’s mouthpiece the BBC who are going to fill your summer months on TV and Radio with the glory of the First World War.  The…

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