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Amazing blog, as always pointing out the obvious and setting BitterTogether in their place!

Wee Ginger Dug

Stu Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland website, has recently come under sustained abuse by Unionists. He’s been accused of just about everything with the possible exception of being personally responsible for the killing fields of Cambodia – although it’s probably only a matter of time before a swivel eyed No supporter on Twitter makes the claim that Wings Over Scotland is published from Phnom Phen.

A persistent claim is that Wings Over Scotland is homophobic, misogynistic and transphobic. It’s a shameless attempt to deter ordinary Scots from engaging with the arguments and information published on the site. I have never read any articles on Wings Over Scotland that I have considered homophobic. Wings Over Scotland and the other pro independence news sites provide information in a clear and straightforward manner which is accessible to all and inclusive of all.

Just today Stu received another tweet from a Unionist…

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Following on from my blog ‘A Tale of Two Countries’ – fantastic letter from Slovenia!

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Donald Urquhart

In May 1991 I was painting in my studio in Glasgow when there was a knock at the door. It was Andrew Nairn of the Third Eye Centre (later the CCA) with an invitation to an opportunity he was the UK selector for. Would I go to Yugoslavia in October for four weeks to join a colony of international artists making art on the Adriatic, all expenses paid?

Not the toughest decision to make, so before long I was put in contact with the organiser, Matjaz Gruden. I found out the area I was going to was the northwest bit of Yugoslavia called Slovenia. I fully admit to having had only a basic knowledge of Yugoslavia at the time; Tito, Dynamo Zagreb, and that was about it.

In a bit of basic research I found out a wee bit more about Slovenia, through which…

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Still very much applies today, nothing has changed…WHY hasn’t it changed??

Edinburgh Eye

Iain Duncan SmithA universal welfare state is the essential bedrock of a civilised country. A civilised country ensures that no one goes without healthcare because they can’t afford it, no one is treated as if worthless because they cannot work, and that anyone who loses their job needn’t fear destitution for themselves or for their family if they don’t find another job instantly. A civilised country ensures that no one needs to work when they are too young or too old or too disabled or too ill. This is not a system that can be replaced by random acts of charity: to become civilised, we pay taxes and national insurance and we all benefit.

Iain Duncan Smith became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in May 2010 – a role he has held ever since, despite efforts by David Cameron to unseat him in the 2012 reshuffle. He has

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This, my friends, is a tale of two countries.  One country wishing to break away from a 300 year union, and forge its’ own way on the world stage using positive tactics – the other country at the helm of the union, desperately trying to prevent the split, using smear campaigns and fearmongering.


Scotland will decide for herself on the 18th of September 2014 whether she will go her own way and no longer be a part of the United Kingdom, or whether she’ll remain a part of the UK & continue to be ruled from London.


With London becoming increasingly desperate, they’re pulling out all the stops to convince the Scots that the Big Bad World is too nasty for them to prosper, and that they’d be much safer cuddled into the warm nest that Westminster provides.  

One recent stunt BitterTogether pulled involved misrepresenting a statement made by US President Obama…they have skewed the meaning of his speech to make it look like he supports Scotland remaining in the UK.  What Obama did say, was “There is a referendum process in place and it is up to the people of Scotland”.

Scotland however, have not reached out to world superpowers to ask them to take sides on the matter.  Neither have the Scottish government enjoyed biased media coverage from the BBC like BetterTogether.  There was no report from the BBC regarding the protest that took place against IndyRef bias outside BBC Scotland in Glasgow at the start of June.


But who says we need the media, or world leaders?  We don’t necessarily need any of that…what we do have is the support of ordinary people all over the world, and we also have social media – something BT didn’t factor in when they started utilising #ProjectFear to try and scare us into voting No…now, within mere hours of a press release attempting to further reinforce the fear, the article can be debunked, legitimately discredited and shared all over Twitter and Facebook, amongst other social media sites like independent media and blog sites like;

Wee Ginger Dug, an excellent commentator and dismantler of BetterTogether’s fear tactics, posted a wonderful letter from Galiza (Galicia) – a community in North West Spain – in support of the campaign for Scottish Independence.  Not just supporting our independent right to decide, but providing some empathy, some humanity to the situation by showing they understand the underhand tactics Westminster is using.  They’ve started a site called Solidarity With Scotland – a place for people of all nationalities to show their encouragement and that they stand with Scotland on her right to decide democratically.


Wings Over Scotland is another brilliant site for the truth – with An Actual Letter From America discrediting claims that an independent Scotland would have problems within NATO due to becoming a nuclear-free nation…not only that, but also making a statement about our economy & military budget – more than well worth a read if all the scare stories have you thinking we’ll be punted out into the cold by lots of other countries.


You just have to compare tactics by both countries to see who is the desperate party here – people of Scotland, this is ~your~ choice, and BetterTogether will do anything they can to instill fear and distort your view of how an independent Scotland may progress in the world.  

Remember though, we still have an NHS that’s not massively privatised, we still have a Royal Mail that’s national, and we want rid of Trident – do you follow the positives that may mean a better life for us all, or do you allow the mostly fabricated scare stories to beat you down and extort a No vote from you?  


Think, research, read blogs & impartial articles…and don’t allow unfounded fear to hold you hostage.

Simply amazing support from outside the UK for the #IndyRef – very humbling to know we’ve got so many people willing and encouraging us to succeed with a #Yes vote in September. We’ve just got to believe in ourselves…heartwarming letter explaining Solidarity With Scotland – please take 2 minutes to read it & share.

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Pilar Fernandez.

solidaritySolidarity is the empathy between people and nations, it is the tenderness between them; it starts at home. A solidarity movement frequently starts as a response to very unfair and abusive behaviour from the establishment against ordinary people. You can feel the injustice and you want to answer it by showing your support and sympathy for your brothers and sisters.

That is the reason for this international campaign “Solidarity with Scotland“.

The UK Government is using all its power to attack this democratic process by allowing people from other countries to interfere in this debate. The UK Government is using the Devolution Unit office like a reception for messages against Scottish independence.

We are asking people to send messages of support to the Devolution Unit, because we think that we have the right to protect and support a democratic, fair and…

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The Fight For Truth – more important than most people will ever realise…


As reader are fully aware, Debbie Sayers and I presented our first petition to Parliament last year which helped get Iain Duncan Smith & Lord Freud called into the Work & Pensions Select to answer for their misuse of statistics.

At that time RosWynne Jones of the Mirror asked me if it had been worth the effort, I replied  We’ll keep up the fight and keep campaigning. It doesn’t end here” and it hasn’t. Since then Debbie and I have worked tirelessly on collating the data that demonstrates our claim and of course we published our 2nd petition demanding the House of Commons accept the Selects three recommendations on delivery and use of statistics.

Since the publication on 15 May, there have been numerous accounts of Politicians continuing to spin statistics and deny the reality of Welfare Reform issues, I’ve personally written about Evidence behind growth in food banks,  Rising ESA…

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