Ryder Cup Chaos in Auchterarder

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So the Ryder Cup went on display in Auchterarder today – because the competition is being held at Gleneagles’ world famous golf course within mere granny-chucking distance of the town.

There was one oversight the organisers made however…the cup was on display in the Aytoun Hall (Auchterarder’s main hall) until 1.30pm whereupon it was moved from the hall to the High School…sorry, it’s actually called The Community School of Auchterarder, having been a student there, old habits die hard…

As the cup was moved from the Aytoun Hall to TCSoA during the pupils’ lunch break, the High Street in Auchterarder resembled downtown LA more than a wee Scottish town as gridlock gripped drivers, reversing clueless people in the middle of the road and those wishing to risk their lives running across the street in a blind panic.

Lorries, badly positioned White Van Men and the odd human being flinging themselves across the tarmac all contributed to the chaos as hoards of people gravitated towards the school, to get merely the smallest glimpse of the fabled golden Ryder Cup.

For what seemed like an age, road markings ceased to have any meaning to all members of society, traffic literate or not, as everyone abandoned anything resembling safety. In reality however, it probably only lasted 15 minutes.

As I followed the throng into the school hall, I experienced a strange sensation as I found myself in an unfamiliar setting to me, as the school I attended was demolished – this building having taken it’s place.

And there it was…sitting atop it’s podium, a golden chalice that some revere almost as much as the World Cup, enjoying the occasional tickling from the gentleman in charge of ensuring it stayed shiny, armed with a duster.

I ask myself, was it worth braving the wilds of the jampacked streets and wondering whether I would get my car home in one piece…all to shuffle forward in what seemed like an endless line of people wanting their photo taken with the hallowed item – was it worth it to see a piece of history?

Possibly, I’m undecided on that one – yes, the Ryder Cup may never come to Gleneagles/Auchterarder again in my lifetime, but I find it difficult to become excited about a sport I don’t participate in, watch or follow in any way. Realistically, I can’t wait until the town returns to normal, and I can once more travel up the street through the usual jams brought on by the unnecessary building of more than 400 ridiculously priced homes.

It becomes difficult not to become swept up in the status quo of excitement regarding the cup – I guess my trip to see it was one borne out of curiosity as to what it actually looked like…I can say I’ve seen it for real, but am I bovvered?

Not really.


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