Get Over It………

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Brilliantly written piece – well worth a read and I thoroughly agree!

Grumpy Scottish Man

I often get told by NO voters that I need to get over it; I need to move on, accept that I lost the referendum and stop being a bitter nationalist.

This cheers me up no end as it demonstrates that we are as correct now as we were correct then. No matter how many times I explain to NO voters that I am not a nationalist, that even though many vote SNP they are not nationalists either, that many non nationalists have joined the party. That it is not about nationalism for many of us, it is about change and the SNP is a means to that change they still don’t get it.

I suspect that the reasons many of the NO voters desire to move on has something to do with the regret, shame, and guilt that many of them are experiencing and probably will continue to experience…

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