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Having attended the Million Mask March again on Wednesday the 5th November, there were a few things I noticed…and not in a good way.

The turnout was once again larger than last year, as was the year before that – estimations vary regarding attendance, though popular consensus seems to put the figure at 5,000 – 6,000.  And once again, the vast majority of people I saw there were there with peaceful intentions.


The first mistake the London Metropolitan Police made was to set up a huge sound system at Trafalgar Square, making announcements every 5 minutes to waves of boos and shouts – it was of course ‘all for our own safety’…how patronising.  In essence what they were doing was insinuating that they were there to keep ourselves safe from ourselves, while working through a list of things we weren’t to do – no drinking, no fireworks, no climbing on buildings or monuments, and no sound systems.  All this, while we were watched over by mounted police, and armed units standing on the balcony of the museum, not forgetting the ever-present helicopter droning overhead.


The use of the mounted and armed units was a tactic to intimidate us into compliance, which had little or no effect.  We set off down Whitehall, a stream of people fed up with corrupt governmental tactics, scandals, fracking, surveillance, and austerity to name but a few.  Each individual had their own reasons for being there…that is excepting the minority that turned up with the simple intention of causing trouble, who probably had no idea what the protest was actually about.

The march towards Parliament Square was largely uneventful, with the customary stop outside Dave’s gaff at No. 10 to vent frustrations and give him an indication of how disgruntled the masses are with the way the establishment run the country, by hook or crook.


On arriving at Westminster however, things changed drastically.  The Met went all out on the intimidation front, the grass at Parliament Square was completely fenced off, and the Houses of Parliament surrounded with a double layer of barriers.  Peaceful protesters were met with police officers kitted out in full riot gear, balaclavas and helmets, dehumanised and acting as Westminster’s Personal Protection Service.  In my opinion this only served to inflame the situation, making us all feel like criminals for daring to exercise our right to democratic protest.  We were funnelled through the square like rats in a trap, with the Met making an obvious attempt to contain the march, trying to prevent a repeat of last year’s unpredictable swerve towards Buckingham Palace for a late dinner with Lizzie.

They failed.


Fireworks exploded overhead outside parliament to cheers and whistles, and in response the Met beefed up their front lines to 3 deep in some places.  Having created a veritable powder keg of a situation, it was inevitable that something would kick off at some point – bottles, stones and in one case a traffic sign were hurled across the barricades at the police…something that I in no way condone by the way.  The lines outside Westminster Cathedral were eventually broken, with the march seizing the opportunity and gathering pace to move towards Buckingham.  Small groups of police officers found themselves virtually kettled by protesters, and made panicked darts towards open space.


Once at the palace, more fireworks were sent into the air to cheers…however the Met had increased their presence there from last year, more beefed up squads of riot officers, forming up in squads and looking thoroughly miserable.  As they formed a line in front of the palace, looking like they were about to clear the fountain and monument, they hadn’t anticipated the protesters charging off across the grass to the side of The Mall, to head towards the BBC HQ up the road, sadly knocking over bins as they went & creating a hell of a mess on the streets.


On arrival, the Beeb was in full lockdown mode, with scores of officers standing between marchers and the main doors.

After visiting Auntie, it became a game of cat & mouse, with the group taking unpredictable turns in the streets, making it impossible for the police to pre-empt them…after bringing Regent Street to a standstill, a police line was formed at the entrance to Picadilly Circus, essentially cleaving the group of protesters in two.  What the police failed to notice however, was a side street a few yards back which led around the line and into Picadilly, then itself almost brought to a standstill by Obe-Wan Kenobe with a guy fawkes’ mask, as he made a peaceful stand in front of a bus, which he maintained for some time.


I left at this point, after watching 3 van loads of police officers turn up to deal with some Anons dancing in Picadilly Circus around a performer with music playing through a loudspeaker.  I believe the chase didn’t end there, and continued for another hour or so.

One upside of the growing attendance year after year, is that the media interest is also growing.  The MSM likes of the BBC can no longer ignore what is happening on their doorstep, and many more media outlets are attending and reporting…many in a bad light, but there are some decent journalists out there reporting in a fair manner.


Overall, I saw only a small amount of troublemakers for such a big crowd – but I was aghast at the tactics employed by the Met…they are becoming more and more militarised every year, and more and more dehumanised.  These people are human too, and I am not saying every single officer is just looking for an excuse to use their truncheon, but the time is coming to make a choice between what you’re told to do, and what is morally and ethically right to do.  The police are supposed to keep the peace, and ensure justice prevails, but right now the corrupt political establishment and corporations openly flouts that judicial system and use police officers like their own personal security detail.

If we behaved like our politicians, we’d be imprisoned. The political system is clearly broken, politicians are clearly using the system to grab every penny they can, regardless of how much it harms the very people they are elected to represent.  This much is clear.  Yes, there are decent MP’s who try their best to act in their electorates’ interests, but sadly they are ignored by their parties, and thus seldom manage to make much of a difference.

Humanity itself is creeping ever closer to a brink that we may not recover from.  The question is, what are we going to do about it?


More and more these days, I find myself making connections, feeling that little bit closer to understanding exactly what is going on around me, in both local government, and at a national level.

To try and relax the other day, I sat down to watch a film…wanting to switch my brain off and float about in a fictional world that had nothing to do with me.  Even doing that, there was no chance to achieve what I set out to do.

I’d decided on watching The Rainmaker.  Knowing very little about the storyline other than it involved a lawyer, I had no idea what I was about to watch.  As it began, I settled into getting to know the characters, and a bit about their backgrounds. 

As the story then progressed, I couldn’t help but start drawing comparisons between the ill young man being denied insurance cover, and the ill & disabled people all over the country.  Further comparisons were then drawn between the insurance company itself, with it’s team of big-shot lawyers, and the Department for Work and Pensions, with Iain Duncan Smith at the helm.

The young man in question had leukaemia, and was desperately needing medical treatment for which the insurance company refused to pay, despite his mother keeping up to date with the premium payments.

The insurance company itself was a dubious setup, specifically targetting impoverished and underprivilged families – with the intention of automatically denying claims made.  The claims were then shifted between departments, with each department knowingly kept in the dark independently of each other.  This resulted in a perpetual cycle of claims being made, denied, appealed, denied and so on and so forth…leaving the lad’s mother with a total of 8 letters of refusal for her son’s treatment.

This inhuman and immoral cycle was orchestrated by the CEO and his number 1 lawyer, with the knowledge that they could extort incredible amounts of money from the policyholders, with an extremely low payout margin, which = heaps of $$.

The reason this was possible was down to cleverly written manuals for the claims managers (where have we heard that one before??), and through the forced ignorance of the claims departments, leaving the CEO & lawyer as being the only two people with knowledge of the true statistics regarding claims & payouts.

You may be asking yourself how this can possibly compare to a government department & those that make claims through that specific department?

If you have ever had the wonderful experience of contacting the DWP regarding a claim for ESA, Income Support or DLA, you will be more than aware that these particular departments do not tend to exchange information with each other, other than the very bare bones of your claim.  Often it is the caller that has to prompt one dept to interact & share information with another.

IDS & the DWP awarded the (private) contract, worth £500 million, for the new ‘Work Capability Assessments’ to a company called ATOS.  A company which has declared cancer patients, stroke victims, amputees & the severely mentally ill, Fit For Work.  A company which have denied a record number of claims amongst the most ill and disabled in society, which in reality need support, empathy & care, not hounding to their graves.

Coincidentally, the government stopped recording the number of ill & disabled claimants who died after being declared fit for work by ATOS.  That figure stood at more than 10,000 when this information ceased to be recorded, and people didn’t stop dying simply because the people in a position of responsibility that set these wheels in motion began to deny it was happening.

Week after week, we see IDS on various television programmes in a state of complete denial, refuting every set of statistics placed in front of him that contradict his version of events.  The statistics presented to him are either out of date, wrongly collected, or just plain wrong.  The statistics that flow out of his mouth have little basis in reality, for example, putting people placed in the Work Related Activity Group (after being declared fit for work, regardless of ill health & disability) firmly in the bar graph under the heading ‘Employed’ – despite this group of people struggling with their illness, struggling to pay their bills, trying not to starve to death, and needing to visit foodbanks to ward off starvation.

People have already starved to death under these ‘reforms’.  Meanwhile IDS is throwing money down the drain attempting to develop a computer program which patently doesn’t work, and has lost £303 million, effectively chucking it down the drain – but never mind that.  His claims that benefit fraud costs the taxpayer £1.2bn, primed the general public to back the reforms by creating resentment.  No mention is made however, about the £35 BILLION lost to our economy through tax avoidance by high earners & multinational companies.  No, it’s not illegal, but I find it extremely hard to swallow the disabled & impoverished minority being smeared by those that are depriving the economy of an amount far, far greater than benefit fraud.

Just like the medical insurance denials in the film, disability claims are being rejected by people that have little or no medical training, and the system is designed in such a way that people become so dejected that they simply give up.  The have not the energy, nor the health to be able to constantly fight for what they need, what they’re entitled to.  The system is designed by those that profit from the very people they deny services to.

How bad has this mess got to get before things change?  The tragedies are mounting.

With just under 6 months to go, the Scottish Independence Referendum is hotting up.  There’s arguments & counter arguments being thrown back and forth over the table, and debates have been turned to various topics.

A prominent situation to me however, is that with independence, we – the ordinary people – have a chance to stand up for our communities and get involved in politics…why not?  Because we’ve been indoctrined to believe that we’re not good enough, not intelligent enough to have a say in what happens in our local areas?  Possibly – the head heidyuns in Westminster rely on us thinking there is no way we could become involved, so they can maintain their way of life, stripping the economy through the expenses system & pushing society to the brink of revolt.

But, there is another way – there is the society that deeply cares what happens to those around them, that are prepared to stand up and speak about what they feel is wrong with the system.  Never has that been more apparent than the past year with the public becoming involved in the debate for independence.  Society is once again getting stuck in with public forums stimulating discussion, bringing forth ideas for our country.

A strong theme I have noticed is the inequality & lack of empathy for the general public, politicians giving not a thought for the consequences as they merrily claim expenses while their constituents live in mould-ridden homes & suffer in poverty.  Voting for independence is NOT a vote for Alex Salmond and the SNP – regardless of personal feelings towards the First Minister and his party, the vote on September the 18th 2014 is a vote on whether we are prepared to take a leap into the unknown & create our own destinies.

I was thoroughly impressed to see a 15 year old stating during a Q&A session on the subject that ‘nobody knows where we’re going to be in 4 years, nobody knows where we’re going to be at the next election, nobody knows when the next financial crash will be, nobody knows anything.  How can we ever base anything on not knowing?’ – a balanced, well thought out view if ever I heard one…the truth is that we don’t know, but you can never succeed if you never try in the first place!

No, we don’t know what will happen if we vote for independence, however I would hate to have to tell future generations in my family that yes, we had the chance to try, we had the chance to do things differently but we voted no because we didn’t know what would happen.  If we don’t take that leap, we have no idea what could have been and many of us would regret that choice in the decades to come.  We live in a society where the rift between haves & have nots is deepening, discontent is growing and our ‘elected representatives’ in Westminster have not a care for the squalid and unsuitable living conditions many of us find ourselves accomodated in.

Now is the time not for mud slinging & political tit-for-tat, seeing who can shout the loudest that it’s all the opposition’s fault.  Now is the time to unite as a country, to get together, put the problems on the table & try to come up with solutions.  Not temporary repairs to keep the water out, real solutions that make us happier as a whole.  Now is the time to believe that we, the ordinary people can become involved in the political system and have a say.

Having Trident banished from our shores is a very good start, it would inject a lot of money into the economy to be used for other purposes, instead of being spent on rusting metal in the Clyde that serves only as an attack magnet if things kick off globally.  We have the chance to lead the way in disarming our country as a threat to other nations, to do something more productive with the money it takes to maintain these monstrosities.

Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard.  We’re not too wee, not too stupid and not too insignificant to change the system here, something our previous generations could only wish for.

Now is the time to have a serious think about what you want to happen in your lifetime, how you want your quality of life to be.  I’m not so naive to think it will all change overnight, and that the problems dogging our society will be solved the day after the referendum…but do you surely not want the chance to try?

As a human ‘race’ we should be entirely ashamed of ourselves…politicians, corporations and bankers put profit ahead of health and wellbeing, which should be the foremost concern of any species.  They value something that doesn’t actually exist (it is just a printed piece of paper, or a digital code) more than life itself…it is said that the highest proportion of successful banking executives are psychopaths.  Which would fit in I guess as empathy for other human beings is succinctly lacking.

So why, are we as a society allowing these psychopaths and high-powered political spokesmen to ruin our very species?  Why are we apathetic about the injustices wrought against us, and the surveillance we are now all under with data-collection by the NSA & GCHQ?  The simple answer?  Fear.  We are bound by the fear of losing our jobs, our homes and our lives.  We sit back waiting for others to do something because we don’t want to be the ones to put ourselves out there to say ‘Enough is Enough’.

Because, if we do that, the spotlight is on us, and the Powers That Be may take our names, addresses & hunt us down.  This is where mass civil action is of utmost importance – there should be so many of us on the street that they can’t single us out to ‘make an example’ of us to keep the rest of the sheeple in line.  If thousands appear in the streets, there wouldn’t be enough cells to put us all in.  The new Gagging Law prevents any organisation or charity from speaking out against the Tory regime, a somewhat aptly named law as those with the power are running scared.

They’re scared of the power social media can have in spreading the truth – a tweet or blog can whiz around the globe faster than we can all be arrested…why else would satire Twitter accounts be shut down for daring to question the motives of the DWP or Iain Duncan Smith?  Because they’re scared – scared that we don’t believe their bullshit spin anymore, we see the smoke and mirrors for what they are…the Mass State Media no longer has the clout it had in the days before the internet was accessable by a large proportion of the population.  The headlines we read and news is no longer limited to the paper coming through our doors in the morning, or the news channels on the TV.

The Gagging Law has been passed mere weeks after IPNA’s (Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance) were defeated in the House of Lords – the introduction of which would see us arrested for behaviour which has, or MAY be capable of causing annoyance to another person.  This could involve speaking too loudly, standing in the wrong place for too long, or protesting

As this link from Scriptonite Daily explains.

Thankfully, the introduction of IPNA’s was blocked by the HoL, as they were fully aware it would cause outrage, however the Gagging Law has found it’s way through parliament.  If you need any more proof the government is running scared, London Mayor Boris Johnson has requested a water cannon for the Met, which would be ready for deployment ‘by the summer’.  Why else would the Met need a water cannon unless they were expecting mass protests, as they’ve already admitted it would have been no use during the London riots in 2011?  Despite an estimated cost of £1 million, plus maintanance, training of Met officers in it’s usage, what exactly will the final cost be?  Something this expensive, it won’t be expected to sit in a garage looking pretty and being lovingly polished by dutiful officers – they know discontent is stirring amongst the masses at the way this government has shamefully sold off national assets one by one, the threat to our NHS with privatisation, ATOS, the bedroom tax, welfare cuts, the list goes on and on.

We are waking up, we are seeing the corruption and the scandals, and we are getting thoroughly pissed off with the people running this country – often with no qualifications or skills to benefit their position.  We are realising that nothing done is for our benefit, as a parliament should work – it’s all in the pursuit of a printed piece of paper that is meaningless and as it comes off the press is already worth less than the government (*cough…I mean hard working families) needs to pay back for it in interest.

Suggested film if you don’t believe me regarding the monetary system would be Zeitgeist: Moving Forward – an excellent film following on from Zeitgeist the Movie, and Zeitgeist Addendum – all can be found on YouTube if you wish – they state things in black and white in an understandable way.

Rather than waiting for one person to start a domino effect, instead of letting them go out there alone & risk the wrath of the police and ‘judiciary’ system, take to the streets en-masse, as a group, as a society, and most of all, as a species…things have got to change before history repeats itself – and the only way it’s going to happen is if we, as a collective, stand in unity and solidarity against the system.  Most importantly, do it peacefully – don’t give the corporations the chance to take the high ground against us…the message will be more effective if violence isn’t involved – it doesn’t solve anything!

You look in your fruit bowl to retrieve a juicy apple you know you bought yesterday – to your horror you discover the whole lot has gone rotten overnight and are now decomposing with mouldy spots.  What do you do?  You throw the lot in the bin/compost bin and disinfect your fruit bowl with vigour.  Why then, is this entire nation festering like an entire barrel of rotten apples?  Not a day seems to go by without another scandal breaking involving ‘influential’ figures or politicians…the very people we are supposed to rely on, the people our children should look up to as role models.

I find myself increasingly disillusioned with this government – it appears you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t – between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea.  Whatever your political alignment, it’s difficult to deny that any party manifesto is no more than spare toilet tissue to wipe your behind with in an emergency…every party makes promises they can’t, or won’t keep to secure votes and be ‘first past the post’, yet once seated in the House of Commons they pull more u-turns than a lost tourist in a rental car.  The elected government are put in power to work for us, to ensure our wellbeing – not to kick us to the ground and repeatedly stamp on our heads whilst stealing the money out of our bloodstained wallets.

Bankers’ bonuses amount to more than most people make in an entire year – their BONUS…the corporate CEO’s make in three hours what most people make in a month.  These obscene figures are ridiculous – ‘We’re all in this together’ our incredibly talented PM tells us…no, actually, we’re not.  Because when it comes down to it, with energy companies putting their prices up an average of 6-10%, we tell Dave we can either afford to heat our houses, or put food in our mouths.  The Tories tell us to put an extra jumper on.  Wow, thanks for that piece of advice, I hadn’t considered that…
Even worse is the information that N-Power pay little to no UK tax which, while not illegal is an absolute whopper of a case of moral compassitis…their profits go through the roof, we run the risk of hypothermia and our honourable leader has his heating payed for by, wait for it, bet you can’t guess…the taxpayer!

So, we get angry…we speak up, we tell a few home truths – the ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’ flyer managed to infuriate Ian Duncan Smith (IDS…more like IBS) yet he sits back and laughs, gloating, as the issue of a spiralling increase in foodbanks is brought up in the Commons.  How DARE you – who do you think pays your salary, your expenses, your bills?  Your benefit ‘reforms’ which are bringing misery to hundreds of thousands of people all over the country…people that have paid into the system their entire life being faced with disasterous poverty through being made redundant, or being diagnosed with a chronic illness which prevents them from working?  It is little wonder peoples’ distrust of a system that is no longer working for the people, but is burying them…either figuratively under mountains of debt, or literally.

Do not be fooled or frightened into apathy and try to ignore the numerous issues popping up like moles in your garden…like the moles, these issues are very real & threatening – perhaps not today, but tomorrow you could find yourself stunned by an announcement which affects your life to the point you can’t sleep at night, you become jobless, homeless, or worse.  The state is becoming increasingly controlling, sucking the life out of its’ inhabitants – for some, this is making life no longer worth living.  We are being monitored every step of the way…CCTV cameras on most street corners, who we contact and for how long being logged and stored, somewhat akin to Orwell’s 1984.  Restrictions on what we can or cannot do tightening like a boa constrictor around our liberties.  All in the name of ‘protection’.  ‘It’s all for your own good’ we are told, ‘we will keep you safer’ is drilled into us with propaganda and red tape.  Let me ask you, who watches the watchers?  Who ensures their moral and ethical integrity is kept intact?

Apathy is perhaps the worst sentiment to have in this day and age…there is a saying that goes somewhat like this – They came for someone in the town, I didn’t speak up for them.  They came for my neighbour, I didn’t speak up for them either.  They came for me, and nobody spoke up for me.

If nobody speaks up for anyone else, where does that leave us as a society, as human beings?

This diseased, corrupt and rotten to the core barrel needs to be dragged out into the garden and incinerated, before it taints the rest of the perishables.

MP’s are highly accomplished at playing the blame game…they sit in the House of Commons and blame the previous government for the debt they’re in while the opposition blames the current government for drawing us deeper into debt. Rather than playing a school playground game, should the people ‘elected’ (I use the term loosely) to speak on our behalf not be trying to solve problems rather than trying to discredit the opposition?

This game is getting increasingly frustrating and boring – the electorate did not go to the polls to listen to their ‘candidates’ flinging blame and responsibility across a room – they went to the polls in the belief their rights would be stood up for, that decisions would be made in their best interests…which is a complete and utter fallacy. However, with three main political parties to choose from, each as bad as the other in a lot of ways, if you genuinely want to vote for change there isn’t much scope to hope things will be different – under Labour, we went to war, spending billions on confrontations which were uncalled for and unsupported by the general public. Under the Tories, we have austerity and benefit cuts – again uncalled for and deeply unpopular with the general public…the public, who voted these people into their positions, appears to have an opinion that matters not. It’s a slap in the face akin to a selfish high-flier using a friend to achieve the position they desperately want in life, then discarding that friend like rubbish and ignoring them.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand fully there are MPs that genuinely desire to make changes for their constituents and tackle relevant problems, however they are ridiculously outnumbered by representatives out for personal and political gain. Numerous scandals are now arising regarding privatisation of national services which have led to some form of profiteering…it’s not like ‘the old days’ where you could whip money out from under the taxpayer without their knowledge, or by the time they found out you were already away and free – social media has brought a sharing of knowledge unseen before…we are learning of MPs running national services with no experience of that particular sector. Why are these people handed a job for which they have little knowledge of the inner workings? Would anybody out on the street be accepted for a skilled job having no prior experience or qualifications? Short answer – NO…so why is our country being run by the few privileged rather than the few skilled and knowledgeable?

Then comes the undeniable anger-inducing announcement that these people are to receive an 11% pay raise…11%!! Which is a whole 11% more than public sector workers have received over the last 5 years – and this is announced by an ‘Independent’ Parliamentary panel…IPSA.  Why should the people supposed to be entrusted with running the country in our best interests be entitled to £74,000 a year when they are contravening the very foundation on which they were elected in the first place?

That’s not mentioning of course, the crippling bedroom tax and benefit cuts imposed on the poor and disabled, removing sources of independence and support for those that never chose to be in the position they’re in.  Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith has thrown millions of taxpayer’s pounds down the toilet and hit the flush in the process of trying to implement a system which does, and will see millions of people who are unable to work, struggle even more to live and eat.  It’s difficult enough to keep a roof over your head as it is!  As for those who want to work, even that’s becoming impossible and unrealistic…’we want you off benefits and into work, regardless of whether you’re capable or not, but simultaneously we’ll lower your standard of living to the point you’re in poverty anyway…we’ll think of you when we’re getting shopping on expenses and having our homes heated courtesy of your pay packet taxes’

Never mind all that though…if you don’t like the way the country’s being run, normally protesting would be one of the options to voice your discontent.  They’ve thought of that – If you disagree and gather to protest, local councils could curb demonstrations if you are ‘disturbing or annoying local residents’…so where does that leave unhappy people?  With no rights to speak up against a government hell bent on demoralising and controlling wide and varying aspects of the population.  Discontent is growing, and countries all over the world are seeing an increase in the number of protests and riots – they’re also trying to pass laws restricting protest…funny that, isn’t it?  We should not be afraid of our governments…the governments should be afraid of their people – and it looks like quite a few governments are starting to run scared – why else would they be starting to pass laws and bills prohibiting gathering in public and protesting?  Personally I think they’re a bit too late – people are too angry and disillusioned with those people entrusted in running the country in their best interests.

Governments, you have failed your people…you should have expected should have expected this.

…whilst enduring the stand-off between police in riot gear and peaceful protesters involved in the Million Mask March after it headed to Buckingham Palace on November the 5th 2013, all of a sudden, I was struck by this feeling I couldn’t shake that this was all wrong – the police in their riot helmets were acting like sheep…waiting for the ‘forward!’ or ‘stop!’ commands that meant they either moved forward or stopped where they were.  They looked a bit like brainwashed bunnies, not sure if what they were doing was the right thing or not, but following orders all the same.  I stood, and I looked, and an emotion I have not frequently experienced washed over me…I pitied them – they probably wanted to be home with their wives/husbands/children, yet here they were, trying to diffuse civil unrest because if they didn’t, if they refused, they wouldn’t have a job the next day to feed their families and pay their mortgages or rent.  I understand Lizzie may have been slightly intimidated by the sight of fireworks flying towards her place of residence, but all we were trying to do was speak to her, to get her to listen – she’s a Monarch, for Christ’s sake!  She has the power to dissolve government due to this; 

Crown Prerogative

‘Powers held by the Queen or her Ministers which can be used without the consent of the Commons or Lords.’

Constitutional theorists have differing views as to whether this would be possible today; Sir Ivor Jennings wrote that a dissolution involves “the acquiescence of ministers”, and as such the monarch could not dissolve Parliament without ministerial consent; “if ministers refuse to give such advice, she can do no more than dismiss them”. A. V. Dicey, however, believed that in certain extreme circumstances the monarch could dissolve Parliament single-handedly, on the condition that “…an occasion has arisen on which there is fair reason to suppose that the opinion of the House is not the opinion of the electors… A dissolution is allowable, or necessary, whenever the wishes of the legislature are, or may fairly be presumed to be, different from the wishes of the nation.”


But if the monarch will not dissolve parliament due to her sovereign powers, it is all far, far too convenient for David Cameron that;

‘Practically, the Fixed- term Parliament Act 2011 abolished the Prime Minister’s prerogative power to dissolve Parliament.’  

(According to the HMGovernment…)

This government is bleeding the lower classes dryer than the Sahara desert, they give themselves a 5% tax cut here and accept a £10k pay rise there, all the while claiming ‘but we’ve been told that’s what we should receive.’  Since when has it been a capital crime to refuse a pay rise?!?  Since when has it been illegal to not pay the same tax as everyone else?  They bleat when the masses get angry because they have no other defense – ‘please, it was forced upon us…we didn’t decide what bonus we receive, they did!’ and they duly point the finger at anybody but themselves in trying to convince the general public they’re not the bad guys!  Perhaps if they stopped shafting the taxpayer with stupid expenses i.e. 5p for a paperclip (you know who you are) and heating expenses for 2nd homes we wouldn’t be so angry!  They tell us to put an extra jumper on when the temperatures drop – all they have to do is hit the ‘advance’ button on their boilers and they have heat (provided by the taxpayer) flowing through their houses in minutes…they know nothing of raking through the cupboards for something suitable to eat because you can’t afford to go out and buy any fresh food after years of increased inflation and little to no pay rise means buying nothing but the essentials, and hoping you’ve planned your shopping right so you have enough portions to go around your family, your children…they really have no clue what real life consists of due to the system allowing them to live a privileged life far different to the lives of the 99%.

This government is failing it’s people – this government is not held accountable for the misery they are inflicting on hundreds of thousands of people – the elite ruling class born with silver spoons in their mouths and handed a ridiculously expensive education the rest of us aren’t entitled to have taken everything they can from the general public…take, take, take, and what have they given back?  Absolutely nothing.

Our parliamentary system is full of corrupt, greedy politicians that don’t bat an eyelid and think nothing of having the bureaucratic subsidiary that is the DWP inform terminally or the chronically ill that they are having their support network ripped from under their feet and they are ‘fit to work’, regardless of the fact they could be dead within months, weeks or even days.  And who are these people that make the decision whether a person is undeserving of state benefits?  More pen pushers who often have little or no medical training and cannot begin to grasp the definition of medical terminology – most importantly the words ‘terminal’ and ‘chronic’.  ATOS, the French company being paid millions, millions of pounds to assess the likelihood of disabled and ill people in this country being able to work, appear to encourage doctors to be ignorant of the Hippocratic Oath they take as saving money & budgets are far more important than a human being’s individual needs and quality of life…although upon researching further, I discovered that doctors in the UK are not obliged to take the Hippocratic Oath, and some 50% don’t take it, so they are not bound to practice medicine with the integrity and ethics with which the oath is intended to uphold;

‘I will use treatments for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from what is to their harm and injustice I will keep them’

Horror stories are plentiful regarding ATOS assessments and withdrawal of benefits – any trained doctor would have no doubt that a condition such as a terminal brain tumour, or cerebral palsy has 0% chance of being ‘expected to improve within 6 months’…a phrase that is sent through the post to the sufferer informing them that they are ‘fit to work’ and have to get a job if they want to feed and house themselves.  Appeal rates have rocketed – unsurprisingly – due to the underhand tactics this company uses to ‘save’ the government money…why, in this day and age, are systems which show such blatant disregard for human life allowed to be put in place and enforced by an unpopular government interested only in making sure their politicians and the rich are looked after?

Democracy?  The generations that fought for this country would be ashamed and disgusted that ‘Great’ Britian’s parliament have squandered the opportunity provided by their actions in WW2 to keep this country’s freedom for it’s citizens…for decades there have been three main political parties – well, two…and a third party that will hop into bed with whichever party is most popular at the time, and these parties have consistently proved that the electorate voting them into power matter not.  Yes, there are politicians with pure motives and that genuinely look out for their constituents, however, they are most certainly in the minority and are oppressed by party leaders & peers.   We are approaching a point of no return…a point where faith in ‘democracy’ is failing due to scandals, oppression and corruption, secrets and lies.  Elected politicians are put in place to do the best they possibly can for the people they represent – they are supposed to be the voice of their people, yet petty squabbling, bills and laws being pushed through on the quiet engenders mistrust and no confidence in these ‘leaders’.  They have, through their own actions and greed created an ‘us and them’ society whereupon truth is no longer something worth believing in…the words that flow so easily out of the Prime Minister’s mouth are met with suspicion and uncertainty – the phrase ‘We’re all in this together’ is meaningless…the only thing it represents to many is the grossly ridiculous amount of money deposited in his bank account for the amount of time it took for his vocal chords to form the sentence.

We’re absolutely not ‘all in this together’…the poor get poorer while the rich get richer – it is a contradictory statement…the Americans hit the nail on the head when writing up a psychological profile of Hitler;

His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.’

Well, the public are slowly waking up to the realization that this government lies…it lies frequently, and it relies on the public believing these lies.

Looking back, I’m thoroughly glad I was there that night, a part of the Million Mask March, every soul I came across was compassionate and friendly, and within which everyone there is seeing through the lies…Mr Cameron, you claim transparency is a goal – we already see right through you and your counterfeit propaganda…congratulations, you have succeeded in one thing, and one thing only – the public are seeing the transparent parts of your government you don’t want them to see, your dirty laundry…

Time for a boil wash at 90 degrees…and perhaps an added dose of revolution.

My views are my own, not everybody will agree, some will challenge them and I understand that – however, I sincerely hope at least a few will agree with what I am saying…